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Resilience, Recharging, and Recalibration: What I Won’t Forget, Thanks to the Pandemic

Just a year ago this month, we began a collective journey, retreating to our homes, becoming more familiar with our four walls than we ever thought possible, creating a new normal for ourselves and our families almost overnight. Today we look back and that classic saying seems on target: what a difference a year makes. We have not one vaccine but several that work really...Read More >

Proactive Care: How to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is proactive care? Proactive care is the ongoing patient-provider conversation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. When care teams communicate regularly with at-risk patients—as well as each other—about conditions, diagnostics, and treatment protocols while encouraging preventive measures, they’re practicing proactive care. Proactive care is personalized healthcare that makes problem prevention second nature for care teams and encourages patients to take...Read More >

The Only Way Out Is Through: Looking Back on a Disrupted and Disruptive Year

I am a planner.  This might be why my favorite book is The Art of the Long View. It’s the story of a Royal Dutch Shell strategy team in the late sixties. They were trying to employ scenario planning in advance of a shock to the oil system they knew would come eventually (but not when, why or how). For 72 hours, they locked the...Read More >

What You Need to Know About Patient Communication Platforms for Clinicians

Platforms for Clinicians: How to Find One That Best Fits Your Needs As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict our face-to-face interactions, patients and providers are embracing virtual communication—often, getting to know each other even better than before. That can happen when you communicate with your patients every day, getting alerted to their every struggle, uncertainty, and adverse reaction in real-time. Software has already enabled...Read More >

Software for Clinicians: Here’s How to Make Their Lives Easier

They’re highly skilled and dedicated—but exhausted and stressed out too. Clinicians need support and structure as much as their patients do—that’s why you should thoroughly evaluate any Care Management tool you’re considering to ensure it makes their shifts more efficient and enjoyable. The selection of software for clinicians is expansive, so before investing in one, make sure you understand exactly how it will enable more...Read More >

This Holiday Season Will Be Rough. Care Teams Can Do Just a Little More to Achieve Big Patient Impact.

The holidays are fast approaching and although “the most wonderful time of year” sounds lovely, it’s also 2020.  COVID is further complicating what is already a complex time for many people. The holidays deliver a powerful combination of stressors: high expectations, family dynamics, economic limitations, the list goes on. In a “good” year, 77 percent of people say they have a hard time relaxing, 62...Read More >

A Technologist’s Point of View: The Power of the Patient as a Consumer in Digital Health

We took a minute to connect with Dr. Eric Quiñones, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Decisio Health and advisor to Welkin Health, about COVID’s impact on digital health, the role of technology in transforming patient care, and an interesting new virtual care platform lead by the military he’s working to win.   So you’re a clinician who left the daily practice of medicine to...Read More >

4 Hard Questions Healthcare Providers Should Ask Technologists

Tough questions are good -- and healthcare providers and technology decision makers should ask more of them. That’s particularly urgent right now since healthcare providers are relying on technology more than ever.  The next few weeks and months are going to be a gold rush for companies who see telehealth rising -- out of both necessity and genuine patient preference -- as the pandemic winds...Read More >

How to Implement Care Management in Healthcare Systems

You’ve studied up on all the latest treatments, stocked your lab, and refined your front office procedures—but have you and your healthcare providers looked into the benefits of Care Management? Care Management is team-based care delivery that centers around patients—their specific conditions, circumstances, and demographics—to make their care and your costs more effective and efficient. Studies cited in the Annals of Family Medicine have demonstrated...Read More >

EMRs Contribute to Physician Burnout – But Better Technology Could Help

Physician burnout was an acknowledged problem long before the pandemic hit.  But now doctors who were previously burdened with lack of autonomy and pressure to pack their days with too many patients are now grappling with the existential threat that is COVID. We see it in the fear for themselves; their families, their colleagues and their patients; lack of PPE, the list goes on. In...Read More >