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Why the Flexibility of Welkin’s Healthcare Software Can Help You Streamline Your Program

As you very well know, healthcare is complicated. Between new scientific discoveries, emerging therapeutics, and changing technology, there can be a lot to keep up with. Add your healthcare software to the list, and it becomes even more of a challenge. For example, how do you choose between EMRs, EHRs, CRM, Patient Relationship Management software, Care Management platforms, or another solution for your team? How...Read More >

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Reduce Provider Burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the mental health benefits of patient monitoring — for patients and healthcare providers alike. This invaluable telehealth tool has provided a convenient, customizable health data solution for chronic disease management that enables social distancing while reducing administrative workload. When they can focus on care plans instead of patient data processing, clinicians can improve health outcomes for their patients while reducing...Read More >

The IT Director’s Guide to Implementing Patient-Centered Care Management Software

Patient-centered Care Management software is an invaluable tool — not only for patients, but for clinicians, care managers, and administrators. It addresses the needs of healthcare professionals on interdisciplinary care teams who prioritize the integration of patient values, preferences, and goals into clinical decision-making to improve health outcomes and quality of care. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that patient-centered workflows are powered by...Read More >

To Manage Chronic Conditions, A Distributed Care Model is Key

Rowers get arthritis in their hands. I knew it was a possibility when I was in college -- our team doctors made it clear that this would be a downstream effect later in life. It was worth it, obviously, for an experience that fundamentally shaped me as a person. That said, I didn’t much relish the prospect. But recently I was at the doctor’s discussing...Read More >

How Automation Can Help Our Imminent Physician Shortage

Here’s a grim projection: by 2034, there won’t be enough doctors (estimates put this shortfall between 37.8K and 124K physicians). What happens to patients then? There are no easy answers. And there is no single method or means of combating the consequences of this decline in available clinicians. It will take a multilayered approach to ensure patients get consistent, high-quality care in this new reality....Read More >

5 Simple Tips to Stay Focused on Patients, Not Tech

When patients feel like connected, active participants in their care, things improve -- for both the patients and to those of us providing care. In fact, as studies have shown, technology in the exam room or at the bedside can be a help if conditions are right. But it can also be a hindrance, an impediment to making a meaningful connection with patients in the...Read More >

Why It’s Long Past Time to Embrace the Cloud for Healthcare Technology

In this modern era, data breaches and exposure of personally identifiable information is so frequent as to nearly be unremarkable. Last year alone, there were over 3,900 publicly disclosed data breaches; although a decrease of almost 50 percent compared to 2019, these breaches revealed 37B records, an increase in volume of 141 percent.  It’s one thing to have your driver's license or social security number...Read More >

Decision and Coordination Fatigue Are Real. Technology Can Help.

I have a friend with a serious medical condition.  She had to cart an ever-growing file of her medical records, notes, pharmacy receipts and more, patiently telling her story from the beginning each time she saw a new specialist. She was so tired of perpetually being at square one, her file filled to the brim, so often in the simple quest to feel better. And...Read More >

3 Reasons Doctors Should Embrace Shared Decision Making

Real talk: it’s taken the medical profession far too long to embrace transparency with our patients -- and many of us still have some distance to cover before we get there. But shared decision making -- in which the doctor and the patient work together to determine a course of care -- is the future of medicine. It’s part and parcel of the growing care...Read More >

Good Technology Can Be the Foundation of A Great Operation

There’s increasing evidence that a big -- and long overdue -- shift is happening in how we deliver medical care in this country. We’re seeing growing recognition that the current model incentivizes all the wrong behaviors -- sick care versus prevention and wellness. Virtual health was already very much substantiated pre-pandemic but COVID-19 has made it a must-have. It seems clear telehealth is now here...Read More >