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Category: Care Management Software

How Much Does Care Management Software Cost?

How Much Does Care Management Software Cost? Healthcare organizations that deliver customized, patient-centered care are more successful when their clinical and administrative staff spend more time on patient care and... Read More >

Why Should Organizations Invest in Healthcare CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) allows organizations to monitor their patient database, and understand who their customers are, along with their behavior. As a result, a CRM strategy enables businesses to... Read More >

To Build or Buy Your Tech Stack?

To Build or Buy Your Tech Stack? Medical CIOs, There’s a Clear Answer. In my down time, what little there is of it, I’ve been working on perfecting a dairy-free,... Read More >

5 Ways Software Can Help You Take Care of Patients

The field of digital health is expected to continue growing as new innovative solutions are introduced, changing the face of the healthcare industry as we know it. The COVID-19 pandemic... Read More >

Older, Sicker, Costlier: Healthcare’s Big Problems to Solve

Healthcare in the US is presently balanced on a knife’s edge.  In one direction, the path we’re currently on: costs that outpace all reason, a population that’s getting older and... Read More >

How To Get Team Buy-In for Patient-Centered Care Management Software

Patient-centered Care Management software changes how healthcare providers treat patient relations, appointment scheduling, and patient communication. Instead of creating hybrid systems of old paper filing, disjointed software, and standalone EMRs,... Read More >

Innovative Care Management: How Welkin Enables Proactive Care

Innovative Care Management is a suite of services that enables care teams supporting a continuum of care to help preventive, follow-up, and chronic care management patients manage and improve their... Read More >

Why the Flexibility of Welkin’s Healthcare Software Can Help You Streamline Your Program

As you very well know, healthcare is complicated. Between new scientific discoveries, emerging therapeutics, and changing technology, there can be a lot to keep up with. Add your healthcare software... Read More >

How Remote Patient Monitoring Can Reduce Provider Burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the mental health benefits of patient monitoring — for patients and healthcare providers alike. This invaluable telehealth tool has provided a convenient, customizable health data... Read More >

The IT Director’s Guide to Implementing Patient-Centered Care Management Software

Patient-centered Care Management software is an invaluable tool — not only for patients, but for clinicians, care managers, and administrators. It addresses the needs of healthcare professionals on interdisciplinary care... Read More >

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