Category: Whole Person Care

Whole-Person Care Comes Full Circle

A patient who arrives at a healthcare provider’s office—whether it’s a primary care clinic or a medical center—is often bringing more than an ailing body. Human beings are multi-dimensional; they require whole-person care to nurture the body, mind, and spirit to achieve wellness. So it makes sense that the diagnosis and treatment of physical health, mental health, behavioral health, social health, and spiritual health should...Read More >

Proactive Care: How to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is proactive care? Proactive care is the ongoing patient-provider conversation and active monitoring of conditions to help prevent life-threatening emergencies. When care teams communicate regularly with at-risk patients—as well as each other—about conditions, diagnostics, and treatment protocols while encouraging preventive measures, they’re practicing proactive care. Proactive care is personalized healthcare that makes problem prevention second nature for care teams and encourages patients to take...Read More >