Welkin Shares: My Dedication to the Mission

For a number of years, I have been helping healthcare organizations of all sizes modernize their systems and processes by leveraging cloud based solutions. I first got into the healthcare space working at Salesforce where I was asked to build a healthcare program. This was my introduction to the healthcare world. I didn’t know much about the space, but I was incredibly drawn to it, for reasons I will talk about in a moment. During my time in healthcare, I have learned how complex, fragmented and legacy our healthcare providers truly are today. As consumers, we desire the same level of interaction, care, and instant gratification that we receive in other aspects of our lives. We can thank businesses like Amazon for achieving this level of customer satisfaction. However, for a large number of reasons, healthcare has yet to provide that level of true satisfaction. I am happy to say I can finally see this pattern changing. Companies like Welkin Health are at the forefront of what delivering care will look like going forward. This is in large part why I am so passionate about the impact we can make on this complex industry.  

Values of Welkin

My passion for healthcare stems from my own personal experiences of growing up in a home with a sibling that struggled with mental illness. Eventually after that mental illness took her life, I found myself in a place of wanting to do something to help others like her. At Welkin, our mission is to empower health organizations to deliver patient-centered care.  However it’s not what we do that attracted me to Welkin so much as why we do it. It’s this mission of helping healthcare organizations so they in turn can focus on their patients and drive better outcomes that attracted me to the company.  I believe that if we can provide the tools to the healthcare workers that allow them to be more efficient, that they in turn can have a more significant impact on the patients that they care for. It’s a virtuous cycle like I have not personally experienced in any other role in my career. 

One of the projects I am most proud of is our support of a large Oakland based healthcare system that is working to end the opioid epidemic in California. They’ve received funding to put opioid clinics in emergency rooms across California. By pulling these particular patients out of the ER, they can focus on the specialized care needs that will provide them an opportunity to get better. Welkin is supporting this program by providing the software for their clinical users to manage the ongoing engagement with these patients. In doing so they can not only create a tighter linkage to the patient and ensure a better outcome, but they can also prove the efficacy of the program which will allow them to raise more money and have an even greater impact.  It’s working with great people like these and so many others across our client base that motivate me and make me proud to work for Welkin.  

Core Values at Welkin:

The second aspect of Welkin that really excited me about joining were our core values.  At Welkin, we strive to live our values of: Inclusivity, Wellness, Transparency, Relationship building, Curiosity, and Accountability both in how we interact with one another and how we engage with our customers. I find these values to be incredibly uplifting in times of challenge like we face right now with the COVID-19 crisis. But values only go so far on paper, it’s the fact that Welkin has built a culture that embraces, talks about and lives these values everyday that truly inspires me. We put real time and effort into these values because we recognize the impact that we can have if we stay true to them. As a Midwesterner, moving to California was certainly a culture shock on many levels. I will never forget first coming into the Welkin office and feeling as if I was different than most of the others working there. It was only a matter of minutes before Welkin’s core values of inclusivity and curiosity showed themselves in how others engaged with me. They wanted to know my story, why I joined and invited me to participate in programs like Mental & Emotional Health (MEH) Employee Resource Group, where people take time out to think through and share how they are feeling with one another.  Even by the standards of how we think about it, I was very different than most others in the office. This didn’t stop them from welcoming me with open arms. During my time at Welkin I have learned beyond a doubt that we are all far more alike than we are different. And that when we share our differences and take the time to genuinely care about one another, amazing things happen both personally and professionally.

I’ve now been with Welkin for about 9 months and I can honestly say it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I get to work with amazing people that are truly dedicated to the mission of helping improve the healthcare system. I am privileged to work with great customers that are similarly aligned to that mission. I wake up every day knowing that we are working towards something much bigger than corporate profits and that by focusing on our mission, we can change things for the better and help so many along the way.  

About the Author: 

Aaron Stine is the VP of Sales at Welkin Health. Over his 20+ year sales career he’s gotten to work for amazing organizations that let him build high impact teams and work with and mentor many great people. His personal mission is to help companies harness the power of technology to disrupt and change the healthcare system and drive better patient outcomes. 

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