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Automated Care Delivery Pathways

Automate your care program from end-to-end

Clinical workflows that reduce the friction of care

The way to better patient engagement

Fully automating any program allows you to increase patient engagement, lessen task burden and seamlessly move patients to their next phase. Defining processes and escalations based on outcomes or conditions allows your team to do what they do best – care.

What we automate


Schedule or trigger intake forms, periodic check-ins, and patient feedback forms.


Graduate patients from one phase of their care journey to the next by defining specific patient criteria.


Create escalation pathways for events that need monitoring including adverse events, out of range results, specific patient responses, or lack of engagement.


Automate an email or SMS to your patient based off of an action or inaction, upcoming or missed appointments.


Automate internal alerts, or trigger email or SMS to care team members based off of an action or inaction, upcoming or missed appointments.


Create email campaigns to nurture patients or pre-patients by building lists within Welkin.


Automate regularly scheduled check-ins, appointments, and reminders.

Supporting Team-First Care: The Patient Journey

Stage 1: Identification

Qualify and enroll your patient in a program

Patient profile is created, communication and care preferences are defined, care team member is assigned.

Stage 2: Assessment

Define problems, risk, and goals

Assessment forms are completed, care-centered and patient-centered goals are defined in patient profile.

Stage 3: Enrollment

Enroll patient in best suited program

Assign care team, review care plan, schedule first appointment or start date, set reminders to check-in on defined cadence.

Stage 4: Care Delivery

Nurture patient through care plan

Regularly communicate with patient, set up tasks, reminders and automated follow ups, schedule scoring assessments, analyze results, track outcomes.

Stage 5: Course Correct

Keep patient on track

Alerts, notifications and tasks identify gaps in care, and notify patients when they haven’t adhered to their program; see escalations on homepage, adjust care plan, redefine goals.

Stage 6: Conclusion or Maintenance

Evaluate outcomes

Complete final assessment, evaluate analytics and trends, schedule for maintenance if necessary.