July 2023 Newsletter

Live Chat Media Support, Enhanced Authentication Experience, & More

Platform: new releases & updates

Live Chat: support of media files
We have introduced support for media files within the Live Chat module.

Key features:

  • Welkin users can now send and receive PNG, PDF, and JPEG files seamlessly during live chat sessions
  • Additionally, files can be viewed in full-screen mode and easily downloaded and opened in a new tab
  • For comprehensive guidance on utilizing the API, the Postman public collection will be updated with the latest information
  • Note: the successful sharing of media files relies on ensuring compatibility with the recipients’ application. Recipients must support the specific media file formats being transmitted

Enhanced user experience: Authenticating user when accessing resources
We’ve updated the system’s behavior when users attempt to access Welkin resources without authentication, such as opening a link to an assessment.

Key features:

  • The system now verifies the user’s authentication status and access rights before proceeding
  • Note: If the user is not authenticated, they will be presented with a login screen. After successful login, they will be directed to the intended page associated with the accessed link.

API clients: introducing “Contacts” endpoints
Welkin has introduced Contacts endpoints with the goal of streamlining contact management for the “Communication with Patient Representatives” feature.

Key features:

  • An API has been created to allow clients to easily retrieve, create, and update patient related contacts, which will significantly simplify the process
  • New endpoints will be added to the public collection in Postman, along with essential details about each request

List field: long title behavior
With this release, we’re enabling the ability to interact with Profiles (including actions like get, create, and update) through our API.

Key features:

  • An improved user experience has been implemented in both Care and Designer Portals for seeing and copying long titles in List Field
  • In certain scenarios, long titles in list fields were being truncated due to their excessive length, making it impossible to view the complete content
  • Now, to access the full value, users simply hover over the field and pause for a moment. The complete name will be displayed in a tooltip, along with a copy button.

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Please reach out to us at CSM@welkinhealth.com if you have any questions about these updates.

Stay Well,
The Welkin Team