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Centralized Conversations

Harness the power of
healthcare relationships

Redefine how patients and care teams interact by simplifying communication

Connect with Patients
Where They Are

Managing treatment takes frequent check-ins and communications through a variety of modalities. Welkin’s omnichannel capabilities support check-ins through every step of care and give peace of mind that you’ll never miss a message.

Communication channels


Send and receive emails through our secure, HIPAA compliant service.


Connect and manage your phone tree within Welkin.


Leverage Welkin’s HIPAA compliant Zoom for Healthcare integration.


Send and receive text messages through Welkin


Integrate your own app into Welkin to chat directly with patients


Send and receive faxes within Welkin

Benefits for Customers


Make communication simple for your patients by using the contact method of their choice.


Serve people on an increased number of channels to ensure continuous connection.


Put trust back into the healthcare experience by allowing your patient to reach you anytime.

We were looking for better ways to interact with information in real-time to make it more beneficial for our health coaches and members. We found this super easy with Welkin with all the call, text, and communication methods,

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