Category: Value-Based Care

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Care

What is patient-centered care? Patient-centered care focuses on each individual’s unique health needs and takes all facets of their well-being—including emotional, spiritual, social, financial, physical, and mental health—into consideration in order to achieve desired health outcomes. It is a holistic approach that values shared decision-making and active participation from both the patient and their care team. As you will soon see, there are many benefits...Read More >

How to Implement a Value-Based Care Model

As a care provider, you are probably well aware that healthcare has shifted its focus from a fee-for-service structure to a value-based care model. Healthcare professionals agree that providing value-based care is not only optimal for the patient experience, but it also improves an organization’s reputation and reduces overall spending. For these reasons, we imagine you’ve had a conversation or two about implementing value-based care,...Read More >