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To Manage Chronic Conditions, A Distributed Care Model is Key

Rowers get arthritis in their hands. I knew it was a possibility when I was in college -- our team doctors made it clear that this would be a downstream effect later in life. It was worth it, obviously, for an experience that fundamentally shaped me as a person. That said, I didn’t much relish the prospect. But recently I was at the doctor’s discussing...Read More >

9 Ways to Develop a Patient-Centered Practice

Developing a patient-centered practice is incredibly beneficial to those involved. It empowers patients, facilitates education and communication, and forges trusting relationships between a diverse set of caregivers, patients, and families. Ultimately, the patient-centered care model creates a community of care that makes healing and learning less stressful, more effective, and more fulfilling for both patients and providers. Here are nine steps to enjoy the rewards...Read More >

Why Online Doctor and Healthcare Reviews Matter

Healthcare organizations nowadays can’t run away from the impact of their online reviews on their reputation. A recent study from MobiHealthNews showed that 95 percent of U.S. adults trust online ratings and reviews, and 70 percent of them said that they heavily rely on online reputations when choosing their doctors. Online healthcare reviews serve as proof of the quality of your services. These reviews can...Read More >

What You Need to Know About Patient Communication Platforms for Clinicians

Platforms for Clinicians: How to Find One That Best Fits Your Needs As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict our face-to-face interactions, patients and providers are embracing virtual communication—often, getting to know each other even better than before. That can happen when you communicate with your patients every day, getting alerted to their every struggle, uncertainty, and adverse reaction in real-time. Software has already enabled...Read More >

How to Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients often like their doctor or nursing staff but dread other aspects of the patient experience—such as paying bills, setting up appointments, or interactions (or lack thereof) in between appointments—because they might be filled with friction and poor customer service. If your healthcare organization has dealt with decreased patient satisfaction rates, or struggles to improve patient satisfaction rates due to similar problems, it’s time to...Read More >

Patient-Generated Health Data: How to Improve Patient Care

As a healthcare professional, we know you are always looking for ways to provide better care. To truly improve the quality of patient care that your team delivers—and, ultimately, boost your bottom line—patient-generated health data (PGHD) is a great place to start. PGHD—or health records comprised of data gathered by or for patients—can help healthcare providers personalize the patient’s care experience to suit their needs....Read More >