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Tia’s Dr. Kathleen Jordan on COVID-19, A Prison System as Proving Ground for Telemedicine, and the Future of Virtually-integrated Care

Dr. Kathleen Jordan, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at Tia, has a unique perspective on COVID-19. At the start of the pandemic, she was serving as Chief Medical Officer at Saint Francis Memorial in San Francisco. Dr. Jordan leveraged her infectious disease and internal medicine background to care for patients and support her team in the face of enormous unknowns. We had the good...Read More >

How Remote Monitoring Healthcare Can Improve Care Management

How Remote Monitoring in Healthcare Improves Care Management The term “remote monitoring in healthcare” may conjure images of robotic clinical data exchanges and artificial intelligence takeovers. In reality, remote monitoring in healthcare has provided a convenient experience for most patients who learn to use it. Why? It’s easy, convenient, and customizable. The more frequently and conveniently patients can reach out from the comfort of their...Read More >