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Category: Addiction

Leveraging Technology To Improve Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

In the world of substance use disorder (SUD), timely, convenient, and personalized treatment is necessary. At least 21 million Americans have a SUD, but only about 10% get treatment. Stigma,... Read More >

The Opioid Epidemic: A Deep Dive into an American Disaster with Dr. Andrew Herring

We sat down to discuss the opioid epidemic with an expert, Dr. Andrew Herring, Attending Emergency Physician, Associate Director of Research, and Medical Director of Highland Hospital-Alameda Health System’s substance... Read More >

Examining the Root Cause of Behavioral Health Issues

We had the good luck to break up the work day with David Whitesock, Founder of Commonly Well, a brand-new start-up focused on behavioral health. Prior to founding Commonly Well,... Read More >

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