Author: Michelle Pampin

How Technology Can Support Clinical Trials

Clinical trials run the gamut, from medical devices to therapeutics and drug studies, but they’re all united by the need to prove their safety for human use — and to verify they perform according to their intended design.  This process is exhaustive. For medical devices, the time invested runs three to seven years to bring a device from concept through approvals and ultimately to market....Read More >

Technology Can Lighten the Load for Behavioral and Mental Healthcare

Behavioral and mental health issues have always been incredibly complex, to say the least, but two factors are making it increasingly apparent that our current healthcare model is spectacularly ill-equipped to effectively provide help. First, mental health disorders are much more widespread than most realize: in 2020 alone one in five Americans experienced a mental health issue and one in 20 live with “a serious...Read More >

Pharmacists Play a Pivotal Role in Hybrid Medicine’s Future

Pharmacists Will Play a Pivotal Role in The Future of Hybrid Medicine. This Is Great News. We all recognize that hybrid medicine – where telehealth and in-person care play different, but equally important, roles – is the future of medicine. But most of the discussion so far has centered on the obvious: the role of the clinician and how that might need to adapt to...Read More >

3 Ways to Ensure Hybrid Medicine Continues

As we get further into 2022, the writing on the wall is absolutely enormous: digital health is having more than a moment. It’s here for the long haul.  At the same time, in-person medicine will never go away. We all take comfort in seeing our doctors, there’s frequently a demonstrable need for it, and it’s how things have been done for centuries. This points to...Read More >

Digital Healthcare Trends in 2022

Healthcare Portals Are Dead (And 3 Other Digital Healthcare Trends in 2022) If 2020 was the proving ground for new healthcare mechanisms like telehealth or hybrid medicine, 2021 has shown just how fertile that soil has become. Venture investment in digital healthcare hit a breathtaking $15B peak in the first half of this year alone, more than doubling what was raised in 2020. Enabled by...Read More >

To Manage Chronic Conditions, A Distributed Care Model is Key

Rowers get arthritis in their hands. I knew it was a possibility when I was in college -- our team doctors made it clear that this would be a downstream effect later in life. It was worth it, obviously, for an experience that fundamentally shaped me as a person. That said, I didn’t much relish the prospect. But recently I was at the doctor’s discussing...Read More >

How Automation Can Help Our Imminent Physician Shortage

Here’s a grim projection: by 2034, there won’t be enough doctors (estimates put this shortfall between 37.8K and 124K physicians). What happens to patients then? There are no easy answers. And there is no single method or means of combating the consequences of this decline in available clinicians. It will take a multilayered approach to ensure patients get consistent, high-quality care in this new reality....Read More >

How Being a Competitive Rower Shaped My Leadership Style

For me, college life was filled with the typical things -- courses, exams, friends -- but what I immediately remember most is being on the water as a rower: how much I loved the athleticism, the intensity of competition, the simple joy of being with my teammates.  A cross-country runner by training, it was really just happenstance -- and very good luck -- that I...Read More >

Why It’s Long Past Time to Embrace the Cloud for Healthcare Technology

In this modern era, data breaches and exposure of personally identifiable information is so frequent as to nearly be unremarkable. Last year alone, there were over 3,900 publicly disclosed data breaches; although a decrease of almost 50 percent compared to 2019, these breaches revealed 37B records, an increase in volume of 141 percent.  It’s one thing to have your driver's license or social security number...Read More >

Decision and Coordination Fatigue Are Real. Technology Can Help.

I have a friend with a serious medical condition.  She had to cart an ever-growing file of her medical records, notes, pharmacy receipts and more, patiently telling her story from the beginning each time she saw a new specialist. She was so tired of perpetually being at square one, her file filled to the brim, so often in the simple quest to feel better. And...Read More >