We’re on a Mission

At Welkin, we take pride in describing ourselves as “mission-driven.” We were founded in 2013 to 1) build software and 2) create a solution which helps solve a social problem. That solution has evolved into patient relationship management software and services, which empower health professionals with the tools they need to reach patients efficiently and effectively.

We are passionate about patient care, and appreciate every opportunity to create outstanding programs with our customers so they can do the important work of helping patients live healthier, happier lives. A couple months ago, we began exploring how to best convey this.

We determined that it should start with our mission statement. Our current mission statement was:

Welkin believes that human connection paired with good software transforms health care.

Nice, right? But that declaration doesn’t explain what we do, nor does it speak to our impact. It was time to rethink it.

Mission possible

A mission statement is a concise explanation of our purpose. It’s the compass guiding every direction we take, both as a company and as individual members of the Welkin team.

The mission statement redux began with our co-founders, Gideon Wald and Chase Hensel asking themselves fundamental questions about Welkin. They considered how and why they formed the company, where they want it to go, why it’s important, and what it means to them. This led to the first drafts of potential new statements.

From there, we traveled down a few different paths which explored “why it’s important.” We fell into a vortex describing how our software can transform care delivery. Our exploration continued with patient impact. We drafted seemingly endless summaries about our passion for humanizing health care for patients. We verbalized all the ways healthy outcomes were the impetus for our work.

But all of these potential statements were strictly patient-focused, omitting the experience of the health care worker, who feel the direct benefit of Welkin. While we are motivated by the patient experience, we understand the way we can best help patients realize their goals is by supporting our customers. Wielding Welkin, our customers develop enduring relationships by delivering seamless, patient-focused care.

We started noodling with the ways Welkin helps health care workers, putting pen to paper. One aspect of Welkin’s value resonated with us more than any other— empowerment. This was inspired by the imminent introduction of a new Welkin feature set called Workshop.

Workshop gives user admins the power to configure specific features based on their unique protocols, saving them time and money, and giving them greater control over their programs. Our software’s ability to give our customers greater agency over their programs and relationships is very important to us.

Finally, after constructing statements which encapsulate our vision and values, voting on them, and repeating the process for nearly two months, we could distill our mission down to the following sentence:


We chose “Welkin” because it encapsulates our product, services, and team. We chose “empowers” because we are handing our customers the tools to configure their programs, rather than them leaning on us to do custom work. “Health organizations” includes every type of Welkin user across health care industries, and “care delivery” is how we enable customers to strengthen relationships.

Finally, we decided on “patient-centered” because our software is proactive, respects patient-preferences, and the patient portal is the epicenter of the software. Patient-centered has become an industry buzzword, but we are proud to distinguish our software as such. Patient-centered care listens to patients, educates and supports them, coordinates their disparate care-givers, and values their needs and experiences. Welkin is designed specifically for patient relationships, unlike CRM’s retrofitted for health care which treat patients like tickets. We believe this is an important inclusion in our mission statement.


Welkin empowers health organizations to deliver patient-centered care.

Rethinking our mission statement was just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more updates to our website and messaging.

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