Team Member Spotlight: Zack Douglas

At Welkin Health, we believe a company is only as amazing as its people. We’ve dedicated ourselves to improving the lives of care teams and want to show off the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make that happen. We’ll be doing a Q&A with some of our extraordinary team members to show off the people behind the product.

Our very own Zack Douglas joined us last year as Senior Sales Engineer. His customer focus and technical expertise have been an incredible asset to our team. You may know his voice from many of our Welkin Health training videos. On top of that, he’s an incredible person who the whole team knows and loves. So, let’s get to know Zack a little bit more, shall we? 

Where are you from? 

I was originally born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I’ve lived in a number of places including Connecticut, Virginia, South America (Chile and Ecuador), and now I’m across the river from Portland, OR in Vancouver, WA

What is your favorite Welkin value and why?

Open Communication. Welkin does a great job of sharing the going-ons of our organization with everyone on the team. When there is good news, we all know and celebrate. When there is bad news, we all know, and we work to solve the problem. I feel that I know as much about the organization as our senior leadership, and that is a great feeling.

What do you love about working for Welkin and why?

I love that the team at Welkin does a great job of listening to the feedback of everyone on the team (and our customers) and really valuing their opinions. I’ve worked at other companies with great policies for doing this, but they inevitably didn’t work. Here, it works, and I always feel my teammates care about what I can contribute.

Pets are a big deal at Welkin. We love showing off our furry friends in our #pets Slack channel. So, who is your favorite Welkin pet and why?

Our cat Scratchy. He is fantastic in the way only cats can be. He will “talk” with me and my family, he opens doors, plays fetch and hide and seek, and is overall just a complete weirdo, which as one myself, I find totally endearing.

What is your favorite snack while working from home?

Smoked almonds. I make myself the same lunch almost every day; Onions, jalapenos, spinach, cheese, and one egg – all scrambled, but if I’m just snacking it’s probably smoked almonds.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love the outdoors. I’m an avid backcountry snowboarder, mountain climber/cyclist, and really anything I can get outside for. In the PNW where I live there are tons of options, but I just never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to!

If you weren’t in your current role, what would you be doing?

If money were no object I’d be traveling and living internationally. More realistically, I’d have some farmland on the edge of the forest where I would be farming fruit trees and producing honey, with the ability to hike-off and get lost in the woods as well, of course!

What’s your daily routine during quarantine?

I wake-up between 6 and 7am to take care of our pets and rouse my children, before stepping out to work in my office. The day starts with tea and then I make lunch around 11am. From there it’s work until whenever I finish, at which point I’ll make dinner for the family and work on projects at home. Bedtime is around 1am after I get in some exercise and watch Stephen Colbert.

Since Welkin Health is now fully remote, where in your home do you like to work?

I built myself a little house to work from. It was both great fun, and gives me the ability to feel like I’m going to work, even though it’s only 20 steps from my backdoor!

If you’re interested in working with people like Zack, join our incredible team! We regularly update our open positions on the Welkin Health Careers Page

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