Putting Providers at the Heart of Care Management Technology: Say Hello to the New Welkin Health

One of the most powerful questions you can ask as a leader is this: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? 

A year ago I took the helm as CEO of Welkin Health — and it was in a strategy session shortly thereafter where we asked this question. In the intervening weeks, we also formed a new team, launched a listening tour with customers to understand their needs and challenges, and then — of course — COVID-19 hit. But we couldn’t shake that feeling that the opportunity to ‘do it differently’ was too exciting, too urgent to defer. 

Our customers were clear about the challenges their care teams were facing — and what they saw coming down the road. Inspired by these insights, and motivated by the tireless efforts of the medical community during this public health emergency, we seized the moment to reimagine our entire platform from the ground up.

In our eighth year, our vision remains simple — deliver a leading Care Management platform specifically built for healthcare professionals — and it guided our roadmap. We’re keenly aware that providers know their own needs better than anyone — so this platform puts all the control to shape programs and patient outcomes directly in their hands.

Our new platform empowers care teams to deliver better patient care through:

Patient profile
Centralized view of the patient information including diagnosis, assessments, care plan, along with charts and graphs to track vitals and lab results
Clinical workflows 
Scoring assessments, clinical notes, trending data, care plans, lab ordering and results, and electronic prescribing
Therapy types
Supports individual, group or relationship types
Communications center
Native and integrated voice, video, secure email and SMS — plus HIPAA-compliant, in-app chat messaging
Document management
Built-in functionality for e-consent of HIPAA waivers and consent forms that are auto-stored within the patient profile
Alerts, tasks and notifications
  1. Define your program beyond alerts with tasks and notification to overcome alert fatigue and drive more actionable behavior.
  2. Alerts and notifications can be triggered to notify care team members during off-hours via email and SMS.
Automation Create rules and conditions which use trigger events to automate workflows
Security and compliance
  1. Geographical, role, and attribute based security
  2. Audit trail and security log
  3. Organizational security such as MFA and SSO
Offline mode
Allows care team access to patient information while in the field in low bandwidth environments, and synchronize updates once back online

That we can launch our new platform today is a testament to a remarkable internal team that’s spent massive creative brain power and technical savvy to create brand-new concepts in the Care Management field. And we did it in the absence of whiteboards and in-person meetings, working instead from our homes. We became masters in over-communication to ensure we each visualized and agreed on every single detail. 

We could not have done any of it at all without the generosity of our customers. They guided our perspective through their candid insights into what they need from a daily workflow and what they want moving forward. Their willingness to collaborate has translated into a product we know will work for a broad range of real-life use cases. We thank them for believing in us.

We’re also grateful to our board of directors for challenging and supporting us — and connecting us with their amazing network of experts, who helped us think through our technology considerations. 

Ultimately, this “it takes a village” approach of company, customers, and experts has resulted in something great: a platform that will support and unite care teams in seamless operation as they put patients at the center of all they do. And we’re just getting started.

Here’s to helping patients stay well.


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