Notice Anything…Different?

We warned you. Big things were in the works to help us better tell the Welkin story.

About a year ago, we began thinking critically on how Welkin expressed itself. What did Welkin—as a brand—look and sound like, and how was that being conveyed to the outside world?

What is Welkin? Who do we help? How do we help them? Why do we do it? What are Welkin’s values?

While we could answer these questions amongst ourselves, we couldn’t tell you how those answers coalesced into a distinctive identity, and our brand assets and website weren’t picking up the slack.

And so it was decided. Now was the time to flesh out our inklings and define what makes Welkin Welkin. Because what good is telling a story if you can’t describe the characters?

To set about our journey of self-discovery, we inventoried the ways we talk about Welkin, how our solutions ease our customers’ various challenges, and why they’re so unique. We took stock of our motivations for making Welkin great, and chewed over the future we foresaw on the horizon.

Frankly, this soul-searching was a little overdue.

A little backstory

Like Charles Bradley sang, we’d been “going through changes.” In 2017, we received our Series A funding. Our team nearly doubled in size, and we moved into a beautiful new office space that could more amply support our growth spurt, human and dog alike. (Psssst- and we just signed a new lease to take over the rest of the floor!)

This transformative year came after—and as a result of—a metamorphosis in Welkin’s quest to improve the experience of health care.

Welkin was born from a desire to build software that addressed a social problem. In 2013, that was a coaching app for diabetes management.

Better connectivity should lead to better outcomes in diabetes.

But as our founders (hi Chase and Gid!) pursued the intersection of technology and interpersonal support for improving health outcomes, they were struck by the lack of tools designed to foster connection between health workers and patients.

The software being used for patient support management wasn’t designed for health care, but instead, retrofit for health care; essentially, patient relationships were an afterthought, and no one felt that more than the organizations stuck with the jerry-rigged CRM tools. So Welkin pivoted to address this problem.

We evolved our software to enable health professionals to perform their work seamlessly, to proactively engage with people when they needed it, and strengthen patient relationships for lasting, healthy outcomes.

That pretty much brings us up to speed.


  1. patient management software.
  2. a tool used by health care organizations to build connections with patients, resulting in improved, enduring quality of health and life.
  3. a digital health company; an organization comprised of mission-driven people (and their dogs) that want health care to work better for everyone.

(Welkin also means “the vault of the sky ,” or heaven. When it comes to patient care and support, we aim high.)

Express yourself

As we concluded the research initiated last fall, Welkin’s once amorphous identity was taking shape. We began translating our findings into a coherent brand personality.

The first fruit of our soul-searching was a new mission statement.

Our previous mission statement declared, “Welkin believes that human connection paired with good software transforms health care.” While that sentiment continues to be true (if hopeful), it didn’t reveal what we do and why. It couldn’t be referenced internally in times when guidance was needed. What better place to start applying our new knowledge?

Welkin empowers health organizations to deliver patient-centered care.

Our revised statement now explained Welkin’s purpose, and could be consulted for internal decision-making.

We now recognized the cadence and characteristics of Welkin’s voice, and made guidelines for how to speak and understand Welkin. But this portrait was out of sync with our older branded visuals (RIP cloudwing), which no longer reflected the Welkin we’d come to know. It was back to the drawing board for us. Pun intended.

Similarly misaligned, was our website.

Our website touted a bunch of Welkin’s capabilities, but failed to communicate why Welkin is, well…special.

The next step was to find some creative folks to help tell Welkin’s story, aesthetically.

After an exhaustive vetting process, we were won over by Fuzzco, a fantastic shop run out of Charleston and Portland. They got Welkin. Together, we explored how Welkin’s personality could manifest visually, architecting a new website that reinforced our discoveries.

Drum roll, please

And that’s how asking some existential questions concluded in a shiny new website and (articulated) brand identity.

We are truly excited about the results of everyone’s hard work, which consumed the better part of a year. We think our new website and redefined brand illuminate what makes Welkin great, and why we care so much about telling our story, and telling it well.

Ready to dive in?


Meet Weli

Weli is pelican who loves feeling the sea breeze in their feathers and plunge-diving for anchovies. Weli and their squadron are steadfast caregivers, unflinchingly nurturing. Weli is gender-nonspecific. Find Weli soaring around our website.

Humanizing technology

We love our wordmark. When technology is humanized, we think it might look like this. Though both Weli and our wordmark are representative of Welkin, you won’t see them at the same time. (Though you might catch them morphing into the other. Scroll down our home page to see what we mean.)

Color theory

Our new color palette connotes two different sides of Welkin:

The cool tones represent our content, collectively known as Insights. Welkin-authored content covers a much wider range of material than the rest of our site, spanning health tech innovation, industry news, as well as explorations of disease states and care. The warm spectrum can be found throughout the other parts of our site, and when the warm and cool schemes come together, they bridge humans with technology.

About face

What typefaces best convey compassionate, friendly technology? The nexus of gentle-hearted humor and SaaS?

We think it’s Rational and Sagona. Like our colors, Sagona tells the stories on our Insights page (like the one you’re reading at this very moment!), while Rational speaks for Welkin across the rest of our website.


We hope you like our makeover, too. Thanks for being a part of our story. Come back and visit us soon.


Make your program more care-centric today.

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