What Do You Need To Seamlessly Integrate Your PRM?

A recent survey found that 83 percent of relationship management users’ experiences improved communication with patients. Nearly 70 percent of those using automated recall say it increases revenue by $5,000 or more per month.

As these patient relationship management platforms gather health data, care teams can then improve and customize patient communication and care plans. As a result of this automated, personalized experience, care programs can gather even better metrics from patient reported outcomes. This can improve earnings and patient experiences.

Plus, patient relationship management software often has a snowball effect. More useable patient data generates more positive outcomes. These outcomes then produce more useful health care data which then leads to better outcomes. This is exactly what scalable health care is—generating better outcomes with greater efficiency.

Integrating with other software systems is a must if patient relationship management is going to be a cost-effective solution. Here are the other tools you need to integrate into your PRM to create seamless care management workflows:


Electronic health records are now the norm in health care with an 83 percent rate of adoption among U.S. doctors. PRMs that don’t integrate with EHRs may be missing vital data to improve patient relationships and produce better health outcomes.

Integration with EHRs allows input from doctors to be taken into account when care teams are interacting with patients. Medical staff can also see metrics drawn from lab values that are populated in EHR. Since this data is at their fingertips, they can easily customize phone calls and care plans accordingly.

Approximately 80 percent of clinics use EHRs to manage prescription orders and keep track of clinical memos. They also monitor patients’ medications, allergies and previous medical history, providing an irreplaceable source of patient background data. As a result, medical staff can better personalize the patient experience even while automating more procedures.

A patient relationship management system like Welkin then takes this data and synthesizes it for easy viewing and quick assessments. This leads to lower patient drop off rates and better metrics that show the value of the program.

Self-Recorded Data

Many patients have access to food diaries, weight loss trackers, wearables, or other mobile apps to track chronic conditions. These platforms represent a largely untapped source of information that could improve insights into care plans and recognize patient drop off before it happens.

This is why Welkin’s PRM allows integration with these tools. Metrics from wearables like Apple Watch are like a running ticker on patient health, providing invaluable insights for care teams.

The data gathered on these platforms makes patient conditions visible to care teams on a regular basis. As a result, care managers can know which patients need more attention. This leads to better outcomes and fewer costly medical procedures.

Personalized Eligibility

Another benefit of highly customizable patient relationship management software is that medical establishments can cater to specific employers. For instance, certain employees are eligible for programs offered for health conditions such as heart disease or obesity. And while employers have a list of programs offered, only a select few qualify for these additional health resources.

Patient relationship software that integrates with employer wellness tools can support employees who are eligible to receive these medical benefits. As a result, workforce sponsored health plans are better able to meet patient needs and improve value based care. This leads to better compensation from payers.

Medical Device

Medical device companies play an important role in patient health outcomes. For instance, patients who are managing chronic conditions such as diabetes may use continuous glucose monitors. Other patients may use heart monitors that use bluetooth to transfer data to other devices.

Driving this, however, are medical device companies with remote programs who can change data settings. PRMs need to integrate with these platforms so staff can view patient histories and understand how to improve care plans. This real time data of patient conditions is invaluable in improving patient outcomes, allowing medical teams to pick up cues that patients need more help.

Seamless Integration

If health care is going to improve, interoperability and seamless integration of diverse platforms is key. Improving patient relationship management in a cost-effective manner takes a system like Welkin.

This platform adjusts to existing workflows among care teams while also allowing them to improve their procedures. Welkin helps teams see the big picture of patient health at a glance, leading to scalable health care, increased revenue and better patient reported outcomes.

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