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A Solution for Today’s Shifting Healthcare Model

Care Management Software built to support Value-Based Care

Software that can help your team shift to value-based care. Welkin aims to keep your members healthy – and your team ahead of the curve.

What is value based care?

With a value-based model, healthcare providers are rewarded when they deliver positive health outcomes. Providers using a value-based model are compensated on the quality of services they provide, rather than the quantity.

Why is value-based care important?

When both care teams and patients are proactive about wellness, there will be more positive outcomes. This results in the prevention, management or even the reversal of chronic conditions.

How Welkin helps

Welkin’s Patient Relationship Management software is designed to support a value-based care model. We help your team deliver more positive health outcomes for patients through flexible, personalized program design.

More favorable outcomes, everytime.

Welkin’s powerful features are built to improve health outcomes.

Increase Positive Outcomes

Increase your level of service by supporting your evidence based programs. Execute more efficiently against programs that are working through flexible program building and seamless communication with your patients. Effectively address patients that need care most during and in between visits.

Get the Whole Picture

Make your team’s workload easier by getting a more holistic view of each patient – house all content, communications and data in one place. We even connect with external devices and applications to gain accurate insights into a patient’s health to detect any issues that might require extra support or immediate attention.

Address Social Determinants of Health

Achieve greater value through your value-based care program by addressing the social determinants of health. Welkin can help you assess for social determinants to identify patients that are at a higher risk of disease complications and ensure they get the care they need through additional services.

Engage Patients

With Welkin, providers can educate and encourage patients to become active participants in their wellness. In addition to keeping patients healthy, a proactive approach can decrease the risk and cost interventions and hospitalizations.

Streamline Communication

Good patient relationship management software will include multiple communication channels so you can connect with your patients on the platforms they like to use—email, text, phone, video, and app messaging. This makes it easy for the patient to reach out and won’t require you to invest in additional communications or plugins.

Spend More Time Caring for Patients

When care teams rely on file folders, paper calendars and voice mail, they lose valuable time that could be spent with their clients. With Welkin, our simple platform enables your care team to centralize all the tools you need in one place, so that you can make care your number one priority.

Prove your value-based program works

Patient data should always be up-to-date and accessible. This is key when payers require proof of your practice’s outcomes or when you need to share a patient’s file with other members of their care team. Measure and report out on the quality of your program through patient satisfaction or opportunities for improvements – ranging from prescription to cost trends to emergency department use.

Additional Features

EMR Integrations

We’re built to serve the healthcare community, so we connect with your systems

Flexible Care Plans

Deliver personalized care by tracking detailed care plans, celebrating milestones and offering support


Have more options to reach out to clients and deliver effective, compassionate care

My team is just happier overall with their interaction with the Welkin technology. The number one feedback from [my team] is that the communication channels are much easier to use. I think everybody just feels in that respect, they’re having better connections with their members.

David Whitesock, Face It TOGETHER