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Medical Device

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Care programs for medical devices

From trial phase to long-term use, support your team and users

Instill confidence in your device

Welkin provides a central place for you to collect, track, and report on patient outcomes to prove your device’s effectiveness over time. Easily export or access referenceable data to show off your results at patient population and individual views. When physicians or prospective patients request proof of outcomes, you can always be ready with the data to instill trust in your device and your bottom line.

Improved data collection and logging

Data collection is a core part of the medical device process – and the logistical legwork and maintenance involved can be burdensome. Yet to demonstrate compliance at every turn in the process, maintenance is a must. Digital documentation can be a better alternative that offers more security, searchability, instant availability, reduced risk of error, and a one-stop-shop to find everything from the record of signed consent forms to notes on test results. Reduce manual efforts and coordination needed to hit each benchmark. From consult to post-op, data collection can be automated and streamlined within Welkin.

Drive compliance with communication & check-ins

Communication and check-ins are an essential component of managing any device. Increased accessibility can result in more usage and compliance. Supporting more communication methods including — email, text, phone, video, and app messaging, allows your team to communicate on their devices to answer incoming questions, instill confidence, and troubleshoot with patients. Scheduling more interaction types is also easy, whether it’s sending consent forms, monthly questionnaires, visit reminders, or anything else. Welkin can ensure touch-points are scheduled on a set cadence, sent and confirmed, logged and searchable, and automated when desired. 

Ease process for adverse events

Depending on severity, adverse events can knock a medical device momentarily off course or derail it altogether. Adverse events must be rigorously documented for grant monitors. Timestamps at every point of participant interaction – from the most routine of interactions like questionnaire completion to when a participant experiences a negative symptom or outcome – are crucial. Medical devices can benefit from a faster way to pull together all the paperwork required for analysis, to ensure that those leading the trial can understand what happened much more quickly and adjust as needed for participant safety.

Data flexibility between systems

On its own, Welkin is a powerful care management system, but it also plays nicely with your existing tools. Transfer data between external tools and BI systems. If you have an application, external database, billing system or even spreadsheets, integrate them to send patient readings directly into Welkin. Patient records and outcomes will be logged, so that your team can access from your devices, any time. Once you integrate your system, set up alerts for when a troubling reading arises — that way you can review and follow up with your patient immediately.

Collect Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD)

Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) can be gathered by leveraging Patient Facing Assessments (PFAs) in Welkin. You have the power to create and send questionnaires to patients for any type of data you’re looking to collect including clinical assessments, monthly progress checks, questionnaires, or patient feedback forms. Automating these on a certain cadence as part of your program helps you gather vital patient data. Also map certain questions to trend lines, creating easy data visualizations based off answers or build automations based on specific answers in order to build triage or escalation paths. 

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We know it takes a village

Welkin is designed to address care coordination. Assign the right team member to address patient needs at every step of the journey. We provide your team members with seamless transitions and a curated experience for every patient he or she serves.

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The Welkin platform is the single source for all of the information for our members and how our coaches interact with that information. To be able to go into a member record, see the information in a timeline fashion and to act and react quickly really makes any member on our team able to engage more effectively.

David Chief Technology Officer
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