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Integrated care management built for addiction

Make addiction care simple for you and your team

Welkin changes the way care teams look at addiction care. Ensuring people get the care they need is what drives us – we make addressing the behavioral determinants of health simple.

Collaborate with Your Team

Before each session, open up the client profile to get the entire story of each person’s journey, including their assessment scores, needs, and communications. Welkin gives you the transparency to pick up right where your team has left off to ensure everyone is on the same page. Inbound communications from members can be seen by the entire team, so anyone can triage in the moment when your clients need you most.

Multiple communication methods

Managing treatment for substance use takes frequent check-ins and communication through a variety of modalities. We enable your team to check in with your clients via telehealth technology, text, phone, or whatever is most convenient for both you and your client so that wherever your client is in their process, they can reach you.

Build plans together

Participants are more likely to stay motivated in a program if they actively participate in defining their care plan. Coordinate multiple types of interventions and use best practice templates within Welkin to customize plans together to ensure clients stay motivated to hit their goals.

Leave nobody behind

Welkin’s technology allows your team to highlight clients who need more assistance. Rather than digging through client profiles, Welkin will instantly surface those clients who need your attention at the times they need it most. Whether it’s a client who isn’t hitting weekly targets or simply not engaged, your team can immediately identify people at higher risk, so nobody gets left behind.

Leverage analytics

Take advantage of Welkin’s reporting to make data-driven decisions. See client trends over time by tracking scores in real time and over the course of time to get a better picture of how clients are progressing. See what interventions are most effective by looking at client outcomes at individual levels and in the aggregate.

Automate your day

Automate the touchpoints that don’t need a human touch, and leverage your care team for those moments that need a bit more care. Stay connected and provide frequent encouragement and education between check-ins and appointments. Our flexible platform lets you adjust to figure out what works best for your team and clients.

Leverage your resources

As an organization, you hire experts to specialize in different areas of your client care. Often, team members have to spend too much time documenting rather than leveraging their specialized training. Welkin automates the admin side of things, so your staff can do what they do best – deliver the best care possible.

Holistic view of your client

It can be difficult to remember each client’s story, diagnosis, care plan and progress. With Welkin, you’ll be able to build and easily access a detailed 360-degree overview of each client including all data and communications, in a digestible way. 

Health Coach
Physical Therapist
Consultant / Specialist
Primary Care Physician
Holistic Team
Family & Friends
In-Patient - Coordinator
Employer-sponsored program

We know it takes a village

Welkin is designed to address care coordination. Assign the right team member to address patient needs at every step of the journey. We provide your team members with seamless transitions and a curated experience for every patient he or she serves.

Additional Features

EMR integrations

We’re built to serve the healthcare community, so we connect with your systems

Flexible care plans

Deliver personalized care by tracking detailed care plans, celebrating milestones and offering support


Have more options to reach out to clients and deliver effective, compassionate care

We were looking for better ways to interact with information in real-time to make it more beneficial for our health coaches and members. We found this super easy with Welkin with all the call, text, and communication methods,

David Whitesock, Face It TOGETHER