Make smart decisions with real-time data

Measure program performance so that you can provide your best plan yet

Measure program efficacy

Track the performance of your program(s) within Welkin. With analytics you can efficiently track and optimize for patient care, reduce operational costs, and monitor staff to patient ratios.

Track patient outcomes

Measure program performance for patients, service providers and payers. Track program progress and iterate on care delivery to increase positive outcomes. so your program continues to produce positive outcomes.

Bring your own data

Welkin enables your team to connect its full range of tools. This allows you to bring your own data into Welkin and view all of your data in a centralized location for easier decision making. Whether you’re connecting an app or a data system, all data in Welkin can be used to build custom dashboards and reports.


Our self-serve platform allows your team to simplify complex data and unlock powerful insights. We allow for a seamless analytics experience by providing pre-built dashboards or custom dashboard building that requires zero code.

Import/export data to external tools

Welkin’s analytics functionality is extensible with support for a variety of libraries. Import your data into Welkin to holistically represent your population or export Welkin data to leverage in your own analytics tool.

Predict outcomes

By analyzing your current program and patient population, our analytics platform can help you predict outcomes based on specific variables. Identify potential trends to gain insight into the future of your program.

The Care Management software built with you in mind

Welkin empowers your team to make smart, informed decisions and improve the efficacy of your program design.

Make your program more care-centric today.