Make smart decisions with real-time data

Measure program performance so that you can provide your best plan yet

Measure program efficacy

Track the performance of your program(s) within Welkin. Measure the efficacy of your design to ensure you’re delivering on the three dimensions of the triple aim – patient experience, improving outcomes, and reducing your costs. We enable your team to track the KPIs that matter most to you.

Set and track benchmarks

Welkin allows your team to create and measure benchmarks within the platform so you can continuously iterate on care delivery. Whether you want to measure positive outcomes, patient engagement, adherence, risk stratification or cancellation rates, our technology supports your reporting.

Increase efficiency ratios

Trying to identify the most efficient care team to patient ratio, or caseload to care team ratio? Track data within Welkin to see if your care team is being utilized efficiently, see what the current state of the program is, and identify areas that can use improvement. That way, you can find the perfect ratios for your organization.

Patient satisfaction scores

Find out how happy your patients are during their experiences with your team, regardless of outcomes. Automated satisfaction surveys help you gather feedback and identify program and team inefficiencies to improve overall patient experience.

Organizational management

Dynamically structure your data pulls in whatever way you please. Whether you want to pull metrics from a single clinic, or from all of your clinics on a specific region, organize team data in a structure that works best for you. The solution will scale with your growing team and increased amount of data.

Centralized data

Welkin enables your team to connect a full range of tools, for a variety of different use cases. Whether you’re connecting an app or a data system, all of your data gets centralized in Welkin to be used to build reports that holistically represent your population.

The Care Management software built with you in mind

Welkin empowers your team to make smart, informed decisions and improve the efficacy of your program design.