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From virtual to in-person care and everything in between.

Who is Welkin Health?

Working with multiple patients is a delicate balancing act. Manage ongoing care of your patients with a superior platform that helps you create multiple, seamless programs.

The patient management workflow


See what your day is going to look like when you open Welkin. The Home Page will instantly surface those who need your attention so you can plan your day and be more proactive. This gives you the ability to see more patients and make more thoughtful interactions.

Patient profile

Get the entire story of each person’s journey. Each patient profile includes their care plan, care team, appointments, relationships, documents, goals, and communications in a central place.
No more seeing your data in a silo.

Patient Consent

Your patients can e-sign HIPAA waivers and consent forms using Welkin. Completed consent forms are automatically stored within the patient profile as PDFs and emailed to your patient.

Schedule appointments

Your care team can prepare for each patient visit. Create guidance notes and use them as an itinerary for what needs to be talked about and what needs to be done during the visit. Visits can be created as a timed recurring event, or can be done manually.


Patient assessments have the ability to trigger many different pathways and processes. When a patient answers an assessment question in a specific way you can have it: dynamically populate follow up questions, notify a coach via SMS or email, populate diagnoses, change a patient’s phase or even generate a care plan. Assessments can be sent via email or SMS to patients ahead of time or can be patient facing for an appointment.


Trigger an action or alert for your team when you designate that a patient needs attention. If your patient answers an assessment question in a specific way, or registers above average vitals, ensure that you can intervene right away to get your patient back on track.

Communication center

Built in communication methods allow you to stay connected with patients. If those don’t suffice, you can connect your own communication apps using our APIs. Personalize contact methods to support each patient's preferences and see all interactions documented on the patient profile.

Alerts & notifications

Automate communication, scheduling, alerts, notifications and processes. Build elements in Welkin to trigger based on actions and inactions. New patient? Trigger an intro email. Patient who needs to be moved to a new “high risk” phase? Instantly transition them to a new care team member and alert her.

Charts & graphs

Get a better picture of how each patient is progressing by creating charts and graphs to visualize successes and identifying escalations at a glance. See patient trends by tracking scores and adherence more easily.

You're in good company

My team is just happier overall with their interaction with the Welkin technology. The number one feedback from [my team] is that the communication channels are much easier to use. I think everybody just feels in that respect, they’re having better connections with their members.

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