How to Create a Patient Relationship Management Strategy

What is patient relationship management?

Patient relationship management helps care teams streamline and automate patient communication to improve relationships with care teams.

Patient relationship management centers around scalable methods and programs that help teams reach patients without having to toggle between disparate tools and spreadsheets and get a 360 degree of each patient in the program.


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    Why do you need it?

    If patient care teams can understand the ideal patient’s journey, they can streamline communication and address risk factors before they eat up time and revenue. Patient relationship management helps growth companies scale to reach more patients and helps ensure patients don’t slip through the cracks.

    Patient relationship management done right helps improve patient satisfaction as patients develop stronger relationships with their care team and streamline how you track patient reported outcomes so you can prove to your partners that your program is effective.

    An added bonus? Your care team members will thank you for ending tool toggling once and for all and helping them spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what they do best: caring for patients.

    In this “how to” manual, you’ll...

    Map your ideal patient’s journey to identify key moments and interactions

    Discover the best times and channels to interact with patients. Define what actions need to be taken when so care managers can prioritize tasks and patients.

    Discover how the patient journey can help teams automate to save time

    Identify what actions can and should be automated so care team members can spend more time on high-value tasks. Identify tasks that shouldn't be automated because automation should augment human connection, not replace it.

    Develop proactive processes to keep patients from slipping through the cracks

    Use data and analytics to identify where patients may stop engaging with the program and the care team. Improve processes to ensure all patients are getting the care they need when they need it.

    Download your guide to optimize care team workflow and improve patient experience

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