Transform your program with zero hassle

Designing healthcare programs has never been so simple

Codeless program design

Our codeless program editor enables your team to easily configure or modify programs. Design your care plan without requiring developers, engineers or specialists. Welkin conforms to your practice by making program design easy, so you can focus on your care.

Process builder

Process builder allows users to automate or link actions together to create unique workflows within the platform. Build out unique processes based on outcomes or conditions. Welkin enables your team to build and fine-tune workflows at your convenience to make your day run more smoothly.

Real-time program updates

Iterating on your program has never been so easy. A task that used to take weeks, now takes minutes. Need to make an update to your care protocol? Modify a workflow within minutes and have it operational within the hour.

Program content

Make it easy for your team to send assessments and reminders. Create all content within the codeless program editor to automate your workflows. Provide coaches with the materials they need on hand to support your clients in reaching their goals.

Best practice templates

Simplify your program by utilizing helpful templates and guides within Welkin. Leverage standardized content within Welkin to streamline your program build and make it easy for your team to automate assessments, reminders, and updates.

Role-based permissioning

Welkin is built for your entire team, and we understand that every team member may need more extended, or more limited, access to the platform and to patient data. Program directors can define your team’s roles and the functionality and information to which they have access – including patient and content permissions.

The Care Management software built with you in mind

Welkin empowers your team to design a comprehensive, effective program with ease.

Make your program more care-centric today.