Health care workers have hard jobs. Ideally, the tools they rely on to perform their work should make it much easier to do, so they can focus on patient care rather than frustrating software.

Welkin believes that technology should ease frustrations—not add to them. We think software offers the potential to help make health care work better for everyone; a philosophy that has guided us since 2013, and continues to drive Welkin’s development.

Hence, Workshop.

Introducing, Workshop

Workshop is the next step in Welkin’s mission to empower health care organizations to deliver patient-centered care.

We understand the hurdles that arise for teams supporting patients, and we’ve observed the difficulty organizations can face getting their services and programs off the ground. Patient programs are uniquely designed to achieve specific goals, but too often we see them adapting to fit the needs of their software, rather than the other way around.

Workshop puts power back in the hands of health care organizations. Now, for the first time, they can easily launch and scale patient programs and services at their desired speed, without writing a line of code or relying on custom engineering.

Getting hands-on in Workshop

Welkin’s patient management software translates best practices into workflow automation. It organizes communication, tools, and data, so teams can deliver care seamlessly, keeping attention focused on patients, where it belongs.

Workshop provides the resources to build and modify these workflows in Welkin, while giving users the ability to review, test, and refine those changes. Making their own adjustments to increase team efficiency and improve the patient experience, customers can develop their best program. Workshop also makes it easy for users to incorporate any protocol or organizational shifts into Welkin, so as their program evolves, Welkin can too.

Putting these tools to use, health care organizations can make software conform to their needs, ensuring teams support patients in accordance with their goals.

As for us, we can’t wait what to see what our customers create in Workshop.

To learn more about how Workshop can help you, visit us here.