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There’s a new standard for women’s healthcare. With women making up 51% of the US population, and 80% of healthcare purchasing decisions, they’re changing the women’s care landscape, advocating for themselves and getting the care they deserve more than ever. Women’s health should be collaborative – addressing physical, mental and emotional health. Welkin supports the new normal – team based, whole person care that gives power back to women.

Scaling compassionate care

The pressure is on for women’s health practitioners to move faster and help more patients, while delivering superlative care in a compassionate way. Welkin facilitates speed through automation of more rote tasks like appointment scheduling and reminders, and sending intake forms in advance of appointments. This both frees up the burden on patients to make appointments and check in – and it frees up time so more patients can be seen and supported.

Collaborative care model

Women’s health providers often leverage a team based approach to care – from the doctor, RN, imaging to labs, an easily digestible patient synopsis is key.  Welkin ensures all activities are logged and accessible – and makes it possible to pull in outside team members (such as specialists) as needed to ensure rapid onboarding. With everything in one place, it’s easy to get up to speed so that new care team professionals can begin contributing much faster.

Personalize the patient approach

For providers, women’s health is often multi-disciplinary. Choosing a technology that supports multiple programs, where each phase is customized to the condition and the person, is crucial. Women’s health can never be approached in a one-size-fits all way and having the patient be an active decider in their treatment plan means needing to adjust care plans quickly and efficiently.

Create triage pathways 

Parameters for real-time alerting can also be set so that when patients need more real-time, urgent interventions, care team members instantly know and can take action. That’s particularly important in women’s care, where medical issues like high-risk pregnancies, must be immediately attended to. 


Tailor communication and follow-up

Patients today – not unreasonably – expect a more personal, tailored approach to healthcare. At a very fundamental level, it can allow patients to pick their communications preference – text, voice call, video conference, email – and also select the days and times they prefer to receive messages. Sum up visits, next steps, and provide resources that support the patient’s treatment plan all via personalized messaging.

Reduce data fatigue 

Data overload is a real thing. Seeing too much, having to sort out what matters from what doesn’t, and being subjected to a constant stream of information causes decision fatigue and contributes to burnout. With Welkin, guardrails and rules can be established in order to surface the precise data that matters, when it matters. 

Inform Program Decisions 

With all data streams funneling into a single platform, it becomes much easier to analyze and develop insights with confidence when you have digestible data visualizations such as patient graphs and charts. Being able to see trends in a patient’s history is critical to being able to adjust, finetune and otherwise alter a treatment plan or care path in service of delivering a better outcome.

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We know it takes a village

Welkin is designed to address care coordination. Assign the right team member to address patient needs at every step of the journey. We provide your team members with seamless transitions and a curated experience for every patient he or she serves.

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Offer appointments in person and virtually to have more options to deliver effective, compassionate care

The Welkin platform is the single source for all of the information for our members and how our coaches interact with that information. To be able to go into a member record, see the information in a timeline fashion and to act and react quickly really makes any member on our team able to engage more effectively.

David Chief Technology Officer
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