How to Create Amazing Patient Experiences

How to Create a Patient Relationship Management Strategy

Have you been considering improvements to your existing patient program, or even thought about designing a completely new one?

Establishing effective communication is a crucial aspect of any contemporary patient program, and we’ve created a straightforward, five-step approach to building a patient engagement program to help you achieve success.

Download your guide to optimize care team workflow and improve patient experience.

    Here’s what you’ll discover in our Patient Experience Guide:

    • How to define goals
    • How to capture design constraints
    • How to map the user and patient journey 
    • How to improve upon existing workflows

    Download your guide to learn how to create amazing patient experiences:

    In this “how to” manual, you’ll…

    Map your ideal patient’s journey to identify key moments and interactions

    Discover the best times and channels to interact with patients and define what actions need to be taken when so care managers can prioritize tasks and patients.

    Discover how the patient journey can help teams automate to save time

    Identify what actions can and should be automated so care team members can spend more time on high-value tasks. Identify tasks that shouldn't be automated because automation should augment human connection, not replace it.

    Develop proactive processes to keep patients from slipping through the cracks

    Use data and analytics to identify where patients may stop engaging with the program and the care team. Improve processes to ensure all patients are getting the care they need when they need it.

    Download your guide to optimize care team workflow and improve patient experience.

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