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Welikans are a smart, passionate, and fun bunch. We love collaborating to build something amazing, and we take time to celebrate our successes along the journey. While we do work really hard, we think work should enrich your life, not deplete it.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’d be nothing without our amazing team members, so Welikans enjoy an array of amazing benefits and perks.

  • Health benefits: Incredible medical, dental, and vision benefits for employees and dependents
  • Flexible PTO: Take the time off that you need to relax and have fun. People tend to take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 weeks of vacation, with an average of 3-4 weeks
  • Comprehensive Wellness Reimbursement: Taking a dance class? Have a membership at Mission Cliffs? Great! Welkin Health will reimburse you $75 every month towards your personal wellness
  • Commuter Benefits: Welkin Health will reimburse you $50 every month towards your commute. This includes BART, Muni, bike maintenance, etc.
  • Learning and Development: Welkin Health supports the curiosity and continued learning of all employees and offers $300/year towards learning and development

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Our Values


We aim to create an environment where everyone feels respected, safe, and valued, so we can all thrive. We acknowledge that separating a “work self” from a “personal self” can be difficult. Welkin rejects the convention that employees need to cleave themselves to succeed professionally. We support the choice to bring your most authentic “self” to work, or keep your personal and professional lives separate. As Welkin grows, we continue to examine the power dynamics at play in our company. We’re mindful of the many ways our industry elevates privileged points of view (particularly the cis white male perspective) and work to avoid recreating those disparities. To build an inclusive community, Welkin forgoes assumptions and makes space for team members to speak for themselves. We encourage each other to describe our own experiences and beliefs, as well as challenge our institutions. By empowering honesty, we nurture a culture that’s collaborative rather than monolithic.


Our company mission and our culture overlap, placing priority on personal wellbeing. We don’t believe your work should come at the expense of your health and happiness. Conventional business hours shouldn’t dictate how people practice wellness. We trust our team members to define that for themselves. Building a company is an ultra-marathon, not a sprint, so we help each other work hard but at a sustainable pace. We encourage humor and lightheartedness to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. We champion taking time off whenever possible, and back it up with flexible PTO. We find ways to incorporate mental, behavioral, and physical wellness into our workspace, and respect your choice to opt in or out.


We seize opportunities for open communication whenever possible. To strengthen our team, we strive to align along shared knowledge and a company vision. We hold ourselves mutually responsible for recognizing information gaps and amending them. We give and request candid feedback often, to strengthen our relationships and grow as individuals. Welkin shares the rationale behind our decisions, so we can all learn about the realities of running a growing business from the results. Welkin applies the same style of “practical candor” to our external communication. Where appropriate, we reveal our logic, methods, and company data.

Relationship Building

We spend a lot of time together, working towards our shared goals. We understand that building trust and developing our co-working relationships takes active effort. Respect for each other and our communal space is at the foundation of our community. We try to bring the best versions of ourselves to work and hold each other accountable when we don’t. If we need help, we can ask for it without fear of judgement or punishment. Our team is here to support you. To nurture our relationships, we practice honest, compassionate feedback. We learn from each other through discussions and mutual mentorship. We have regular meals together, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), events, and volunteer outings. Additionally, Welkin funds group gatherings and peer recognition to fortify our connections.


We’re a community of lifelong learners. As an evolving, innovative company, curiosity fuels us to solve problems and create meaningful change. When we notice something is broken, we fix it. We don’t ask permission to take responsibility, nor do we avoid risks for fear of failure—failure helps us learn. It’s our goal to foster an environment in which everyone feels empowered to make improvements, experiment often, and explore uncharted paths towards the next great idea.


At Welkin, we hold each other accountable to a performance-based culture by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, communicating those with relevant Welkin team members and external stakeholders, delivering on the commitments we’ve made, and doing everything in our power to hit the goals and metrics once we’ve set them. We share as early as possible when we realize we won’t meet an expectation we’ve set, and reflect on those situations to learn and grow. We hold each other accountable to Welkin’s values, and acknowledge how our behaviors enrich or diminish our community. To nourish a culture of accountability, Welkin holds project and company retrospectives; sets OKRs for our teams and the organization; and champions giving and requesting candid feedback.

Pets of Welkin







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I love that at Welkin, it’s not just what gets done that is important—examining how something is achieved is also essential. “How does this decision align to our company values?” “How can I deliver this feedback more thoughtfully?” We work hard not only to create results, but also organizational practices everyone feels proud of.

Kevin Paik

Security and Compliance

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It’s exciting to work on a product that makes a real difference in how people live. It’s inspiring that I get to do this work alongside a team that truly and fully believes in the same mission -- putting both our minds and our hearts into improving chronic care. At Welkin, I feel supported in my role and also encouraged to take the time and energy I need for myself and for my priorities outside of work.

Anicia Santos

Solutions Architect

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Welkin lives and breathes inclusivity. I can be myself here, and am celebrated for it. That level of consideration helps me build authentic relationships with my team, and pushes me to produce work that I’m proud of.

Julian Haddad

Senior UX Designer

Welkin ranked 13th in the highly competitive Healthcare category!

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