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Build Something Great With Us

Welikans are a smart, passionate, and fun bunch. We love collaborating to build something amazing, and we take time to celebrate our successes along the journey. While we do work really hard, we think work should enrich your life, not deplete it.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’d be nothing without our amazing team members, so Welikans enjoy an array of amazing benefits and perks.

  • Health benefits: Incredible medical, dental, and vision benefits for employees and dependents
  • Flexible PTO: Take the time off that you need to relax and have fun. People tend to take anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 weeks of vacation, with an average of 3-4 weeks
  • Work from home benefit to be used for personal wellness (e.g. gym membership, dance classes or other wellness related expenses) and improving your work from home experience.
  • Learning and Development: Welkin Health supports the curiosity and continued learning of all employees and offers $300/year towards learning and development

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Our Values

Customer Comes First

Our customers are our top priority. Welkin Health exists to support our customer’s mission of building world class healthcare programs.


We are accountable to deliver on the commitments we’ve made. It is our responsibility to follow through and to be honest and transparent. 

One Team

We are one team – together we make all the difference. It’s when we openly share our knowledge and experience that we become one unstoppable force.

Relationship Building

We are open and honest in our communication– we share information, insight and advice frequently and constructively and manage tough situations with courage and candor.


As a fully remote team, across many time zones, we trust each other to make the right choices, do the right thing, and be good people. 


Personal wellbeing is key – when we work to take care of ourselves, we have the strength to take care of others. We encourage each other to seek out activities that help achieve personal balance.

Pets of Welkin







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Working at Welkin I feel inspired every day to be able to create such an innovative product in a such an important industry. I am so happy to be at a place where I know my contributions in creating this robust platform are used to help ease the heavy load of healthcare workers.

Adoran Moshe

Full Stack Engineer

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I love Welkin’s client-centricity. Every single team member, from engineering to marketing to sales to customer success, truly operates with our client’s success front and center in their daily line of thinking. We’ve helped some amazing health teams to realize their visions and scale for success through our intuitive care management tools. It’s been a blessing to join such an innovative and driven group, and I look forward to what 2021 onwards has in store.

Kerri Puckett

Sr. Sales Development

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My favorite thing about Welkin Health is the people that I get to work with every day. We have hired such an amazing group of humans who all excel at what they do, and are so inclusive and warm to one another. I also am very proud to work for a company that has built such an incredible product that truly strives to meet the needs of many different types of care teams.

Mallory Martin


Welkin ranked 13th in the highly competitive Healthcare category!

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