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Population health management

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The patient management workflow

Curious what a day in the life of a clinician looks like in Welkin?

Manage patient care from diagnosis through ongoing treatment management.


See your day at a glance. Home shows your schedule, tasks, unread communications and patient escalations. This allows you to proactively plan your day and gives you the ability to swiftly react to those who need attention.


Schedule patient visits, encounters, or non-patient events, like team training. Multi-user views show team availability and ensure shift coverage. The calendar API allows you to integrate your own external calendars as well.

Patient Record

Customize and maintain comprehensive records of patients and their medical histories. Track demographic information, vital signs, diagnoses, allergies, medication histories, treatment plans, and lab results.


Create assessments tailored to your program's needs and monitor patient progress at every stage of care. Patient records and charts are updated real-time once responses are submitted and received.

Forms and assessments can be designed for scoring groups, conditionality, data charting and reporting, and triggering automated program logic.


Structure and template encounters to meet the requirements of your program making it easy for the care team to navigate through patient visits systematically. Encounters include all necessary information for successful insurance claims processing.

Document center

Streamlining the intake process is critical. Automate intake and consent forms ahead of a patient’s visit or integrate Docusign for seamless signing. Upload any type of document to a patient profile for record keeping including assessments, consent forms, licenses, medical records, or anything else.


Welkin enables smart task management and hand-offs by filling in the gaps, and prompting care team members with tasks when they’re needed and for what. Coordinating care is simplified when tasks are organized, are trackable, and can be shared or passed to other team members.


Data visualization informs your organization of program analytics across patient populations. Surface actionable insights and identify trends around patient careflows, resource allocation, assessment trends, and more. Review relevant datasets in Welkin or export data for external consumption and analysis.


Direct and personal communication promotes plan adherence, retention — and ultimately, better outcomes. Welkin’s multi-channel communication toolkit includes synchronous, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, or asynchronous secure email, web-based or patient-facing chat, SMS, and MMS.


Automating portions of clinical care protocols helps to generate operational efficiencies, increase patient engagement, and scale growth. Welkin allows you to build a plethora of different automations. For example, when an escalation or intervention is realized, for assessments or patient intake forms, reminders or check-ins, or to flag specific patient reported answers.


Define events that warrant an external notification to specific team members. Send email, chat or SMS notifications for specific occurrences within the platform when something needs to be addressed right away.

Create your care management program

Build the care program that you need. Welkin was designed with the tools to define and build care plans, user experience by role, automations, alerts and notifications, tasks and communications.

Centralized communications

Keep a history and record of all patient communications in one centralized place. Select and engage the appropriate channels, and templatize communications as appropriate.

Seamless billing

Designed to optimize every phase of the patient care journey, from the initial appointment through post-treatment billing. Automating key processes and integrating payer requirements, we help ensure that claims are processed accurately and swiftly, alleviating the burden on your billing staff and enhancing your practice’s efficiency.


Leverage analytics for your program to identify risks, understand the patient experience, review program outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency. Leverage your data to drive unique and meaningful insights for your program.

We like the ability to customize [Welkin] ourselves and encode our clinical logic into the platform. We are using Welkin as the platform where we integrate all of the digital tools that power our ecosystem — everything from our patient application to our EMR to our external provider-facing portal.

Allison VP Clinical Product
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