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Program Development from the Ground Up

Let Welkin Health Make your Patient Program a Success

Welkin Health’s configurable case management software tames the chaos of a patient’s entire healthcare journey. Offering our partners fine-tuned control over their patient programs enables them to deliver high-touch patient support. But what if you need help developing a health program for patients and don’t know where to begin? Already have a program in place but need guidance on how to improve it?

No matter where you are in the process of your program development, Welkin’s experienced clinical team works closely with you to design a curriculum and protocol that will be most effective for your organization and patient population needs. Does your pilot include a clinical study? Welkin’s team can provide recommendations on study design, sample size, cohort criteria, data sources, process and outcome measures, and length of study.

Welkin’s implementation services include an extensive research and discovery process to determine your business needs and goals, including detailed process mapping to hone in on the approach that will make your program most successful. Welkin will architect a solution that clearly illustrates how the program will be implemented, and determine the technical requirements needed—software specifications, platform customizations, new feature build outs, and integrations—to make it a success and ensure that each patient’s needs are being met.

Welkin has designed and implemented successful patient programs for medical device, digital health, and big pharma companies that include health coaching, HUB services, reimbursement support, and device onboarding.

Welkin worked with partner Neurotrack, a digital health company focused on improving memory health, on a clinical study designed to help individuals at risk for cognitive decline. Welkin provided health coaches and developed a protocol that would meet the specific needs of the study. Using Welkin’s services, the Neurotrack study team was able to engage patients, monitor patient progress, and measure cognitive health outcomes over the course of the study to determine the effectiveness of early detection and lifestyle programs using Neurotrack’s technology.

According to Elli Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of Neurotrack, “More than 16 million Americans live with cognitive impairment, and more than five million have Alzheimer’s, with that number expected to grow. Changes in lifestyle can alter the course of cognitive decline. With Welkin’s platform and coaches supporting our study, people will receive the guidance, ongoing support, and engagement to ensure they have the resources necessary to improve their own health.”

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