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Organize Your Care Management Program

What is patient care management?

Patient care management is a set of activities taken to care for a patient who is vulnerable or otherwise high risk. Care teams help manage care to reduce the need for further costly medical services and interventions and help provide support to patients who need it.

As health care systems move to value-based care and at-risk based contracts, engaging patients in their care plan to help avoid costly emergency department visits or hospital readmissions can help health care organizations improve their quality metrics.

Care management can be employed by primary care physicians and primary care teams to streamline care transitions and simplify care coordination for high-risk patients with chronic conditions. 

Organizations focused on population health who need to improve outcomes for at-risk patient populations such as Medicaid populations and chronic disease populations have also seen strong improvements in quality of care and patient outcomes with hands-on care coordination.

Effective care management solutions give care teams the tools they need to help patients find or build their support systems, provide personalized care planning and case management, and integrate care providers like registered nurses, health coaches, social workers, and community resources into one unified team to streamline care delivery and build a central medical home for patients to turn to.

Why is patient care management important?

Complex health conditions take up a large portion of U.S. health care spending. While fee-for-service models focus on one condition at a time, care management looks forward to the coming value-based care environment and is particularly needful for patients who have more than one comorbidity such as diabetes and COPD or congestive heart failure and ESRD. 

Care teams can help patients reduce risk and prevent issues or complications before they happen with proven care management programs that pull together previously disparate pieces of the care plan. 

Another reason care management is important for health systems and care teams? The health care industry at large is fragmented and uses disparate systems and solutions to provide health services to patients with complex and high-cost health risks. This approach prevents patient self-management because of the complexity of the system, reduces patient engagement because patients are confused as to what action to take next, slows care teams down from meeting care needs, and may stand in the way of positive health outcomes for patients.

How Welkin helps

Welkin is, at its core, a care management platform. We give care managers superpowers. With software designed to articulate interactions care managers have with patients, we help care managers deliver the highest quality of care to those who need it most. While most care management tools are good at identifying patients who are sick, Welkin helps you design a program that helps those patients improve their health and stay out of the hospital. Care managers have all the tools they need in one place to keep track of every patient and make sure no one slips through the cracks.

About Welkin

Welkin is the patient care management solution for the future. We started as a diabetes care management platform and were designed from the ground up to make care as effective as possible. Our team comes from leading health care companies and brings deep insight into how to make care management seamless and streamlined.

Easy-to-use intuitive software

Build complex care management programs faster than ever before

Customize your care management

Create workflows that meet the unique needs of your care team and patients

Get insights to help you continually improve.

See at a glance where patients may be falling through the cracks.

Everything you need in one place

Care team staff communicate with patients in so many different channels that it’s hard for them to keep track of patients and to collaborate with their team. Give them a 360-degree view of the patient that tells them where the patient is in their journey and makes it simple to collaborate.

[video: Coach dashboard graphic/video]

Automate workflows

Your teams’ to-do lists are often filled with tasks that could be automated. They end up spending less time helping patients and more time on administrative tasks below their paygrade. Help clear your care team’s workloads by automating complex workflows and processes.

[video: Communication workflow video (for instance, an automated workflow after a call for an assessment to be sent out)]

Communicate on the channels your patients use

Your goal is to ensure patients are well cared for and don’t fall through the cracks. We have you covered and let you communicate with your patients, on their terms. Be where your patients want to be. Use the channels they frequent such as email, the phone, texting, in-app messages, and more.

[screenshot: communication dashboard]

End tool switching once and for all

When your care managers are hopping between tools, they are wasting valuable time they could be spending with patients. Integrate tools they use every day to help them keep track of all their important data and patient interactions.

[video: communication, data entry, etc all happening in one platform]

Reach out to patients when they need it

With Welkin’s patient relationship management platform, care managers can see at a glance which patients need an intervention and who is doing just fine. Know exactly which patients need care team interactions and when they need it.

[video/screenshot: Is there a report or view where they can see all patients and most recent interaction?]

Centralized data that prove your program works

Wondering how to prove your program works? Start collecting the data you need to show your program’s effectiveness to your partners.

[video/screenshot: A report of pain scores decreasing or another metric]