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Innovating Addiction Care Through Powerful Technology

Face It Together is a nationally focused nonprofit with a mission to end the chronic disease of drug and alcohol addiction. The Face It TOGETHER team tried several different technologies looking to both effectively manage its program and measure results. While using their most recent technology, Salesforce Health Cloud, they found it was difficult to develop and update new programs, integrate communication methods, and interact with data. This ultimately made delivering the quality of care their members needed, more of a challenge. 

The Obstacle

For David Whitesock, Face It TOGETHER’s Chief Innovation Officer, Salesforce Health Cloud’s platform wasn’t intuitive and didn’t seem catered to behavioral health, specifically addiction recovery. The team faced challenges with the constant development needed to build and iterate on programs, and achieving seamless communication. The increase in time and resources managing Salesforce Health Cloud simply became unsustainable.

Finding a Solution

Once Face It TOGETHER started to use Welkin, the team knew they had found what they were looking for. Welkin made communication between the team and members simple with six different native communication methods. The Face It TOGETHER team could simplify communication for members by interacting with them on their preferred channels, and reduced their need to retrofit a solution. Additionally, the software’s timeline view was intuitive and customizable, giving them necessary information to get members the care they need—when they need it. 

A Winning Result 

Welkin has benefitted every member of the Face It TOGETHER team – coaches, trainers, data scientists, and most importantly, their members. With engagement metrics that give them evidence based, crucial insight, they can better understand and iterate their program to deliver the care their members need. The Face It TOGETHER team can better measure conversions, how long members stay, as well as their progress to reaching their goals. All of this data gives their team the metrics they need to prove that they are truly solving the chronic disease of addiction and minimize the barriers that prevent members from reaching their health goals. Welkin’s platform will help them expand nation-wide into reaching members far and wide. 

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