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Custom Software Improves Patient Outcomes

When administrative challenges threatened to hinder at-risk and underserved Bay Area residents from receiving the medical care they needed, the Community Health Center Network (CHCN) turned to Welkin to find a solution. 

An Opportunity to Help

CHCN sought to use claims data to determine local community members at risk of negative health outcomes; however, they found themselves held back by a faulty and unreliable program. The case management program CHCN built, Care Neighborhood, relied on a prototype, Excel-based program, CareNote to manage their workflows and patient communication. Their system was extremely slow and crashed regularly, frustrating workers and hindering productivity. As Care Neighborhood prepared to expand its services, CareNote proved incapable of scaling to growing needs and also offered limited patient interaction features that failed to support adequate communication. 

Finding a Solution

Welkin immediately got to work. Among their priorities was building a scalable system that would provide faster data integration services and prove more reliable than CareNote. Welkin provided a system that captured all the relevant data in one tool, worked reliably and quickly enough to support efficient operations, and included a workflow management feature designed to help day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

A Winning Result 

By improving data organization and facilitating better patient communication, Welkin was able to assist Care Neighborhood in its mission to support community health needs. 

The Community Health Center Network provides vital services to patients facing obstacles to quality care. Welkin was proud to develop an innovative, custom solution designed to fit CHCN’s needs and support improved community health.  

Download the full case study to read about our methods and the final results that CHCN and Welkin Health saw: 

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