Configurable, centralized platform for developers

Always have access to your data and the ability to integrate your tools

API gives full access to your data

Welkin is the central platform for your team. As such, we provide an interconnected user experience so you can provide better healthcare. Welkin’s API allows for transparent, two-way communication between platforms, so you can sync new and existing data between systems.

Third-party app integrations

Welkin enables your team to connect a full range of apps for many different use cases to expand the capabilities of the platform. Whether you need to video conference with your patients, simplify lab ordering, or schedule your mobile workforce, your apps can be seamlessly integrated with Welkin to create a smooth workflow.

EHR integrations

We allow complete, real-time access to your information. Your team is able to populate data from your EHR directly into Welkin. This enables you to create a single patient journey by easily moving data between systems.

Security and compliance

Welkin is built for patient relationships, so we’ve taken every effort to ensure healthcare compliance. Welkin complies with HIPAA and FDA regulations, and is SOC 2 certified. For more information visit

Datasets validation

Welkin enables your team to standardize data within the platform. Dataset validation within Welkin includes medication validation, drug-drug interaction detection, and codes including diagnosis ICD, Snomed, and CPT. We also allow your team to provide your own coded lists that can be used to validate user input to ensure data uniformity.

Role-based access

Welkin is built for your entire team, and we understand that every team member may need more extended, or more limited, access to the platform. Inside our codeless program editor, you define your team’s roles and the functionality and information to which they have access.

The Care Management software built with you in mind

Developers use Welkin Health’s configurable platform to streamline their day and gain insights into their program’s effectiveness.