Welkin Health Launches Workshop, Enabling Health Care Organizations to Build Their Best Patient Program

The first of its kind, Workshop offers users the tools to easily develop, deliver, and refine their patient services.

Welkin Health, a San Francisco-based digital health company, today announced the launch of Workshop, a new feature set for health care organizations to easily build and refine their patient programs in Welkin, without the need for custom engineering.

Welkin’s patient management software automates the workflows of health care organizations, based on their best practices. It organizes communication, tools, and data, guiding teams to deliver seamless patient care, and providing health care organizations with the program insights they want.

With the introduction of Workshop, Welkin users can make improvements to their program at their convenience. Workshop provides the tools to make changes that increase team efficiency and better the patient experience. As an organization’s program develops protocols, Workshop gives users the ability to incorporate them into their software; as their program evolves, Welkin does too.

“Patient programs and services are critically valuable to support patients with complex and chronic disease. Without them, it’s difficult to improve patient health, and therefore, prove the efficacy of a product to payers,” says Chase Hensel, CEO and Co-founder, Welkin Health. “For many health care organizations, getting patient services off the ground is a slow, expensive, and frustrating process, primarily because the tools offered are not designed specifically for health care. Our goal with Workshop is to provide a framework to make complex patient management more straightforward and effective for health care organizations, as well as fast and simple—all without a line of code.”

Workshop empowers organizations to develop the most effective program possible, so teams can focus on delivering meaningful patient care.

Welkin closed a Series A round with Thrive Capital in 2017 and has grown from a team of 2 to 43 since launching in 2013. Welkin customers include Lyra Health, Neurotrack, Common Sensing, Community Health Center Network, and other digital health, medical device, and life science companies.

About Welkin Health

Welkin Health is a digital health company that helps healthcare organizations increase revenue and reduce operational costs with improved health outcomes through engagement, education, and support programs for people living with chronic disease. Our workflow and communication software allows care teams to prioritize patient outreach and reach members on any device, including SMS, phone call, and email. Welkin helps teams focus on building and maintaining long-term relationships with custom configurations of the Welkin Patient Relationship Management platform. For more information about Welkin, visit https://welkinhealth.com