Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky Elevate Diabetes Care for Patients Through Innovative Partnership with Welkin Health

The only program of its kind in the state utilizes advanced technology to bring cutting-edge care to diabetes patients

Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky (PCCEK) and Welkin Health, a San Francisco-based digital health company specializing in patient relationship management, are improving the care of hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians living with diabetes. The only program of its kind in Kentucky, PCCEK’s Diabetes Center of Excellence is utilizing Welkin’s advanced technology to elevate the care of patients with Type I, Type II and gestational diabetes. The customizable platform gives care coordinators and patients the means to engage at any given time, from any location, using the communication method of choice–text message, smartphone app, email or phone–allowing for a continuum of care.

“Kentucky has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the country. Our work with Welkin Health has given us access to the latest technological advancements in diabetes care enabling us to more effectively treat and help our patients, who we see as a part of our family, manage this difficult disease,” says Barry Martin, CEO and Founder, PCCEK.

The Diabetes Center of Excellence has the benefit of PCCEK’s full scope of specialties under one roof, including pediatrics, family and adult medicine,OB/GYN, prenatal/women’s health, an in-house lab, podiatry, radiology/imaging, diagnostic services, a pharmacy, behavioral health and dentistry, allowing for streamlined care for diabetes patients with other services. “To my knowledge, we’re the only healthcare organization in the state offering this extent of care and specialized services for our patients,” says Martin.

Welkin’s platform helps clinical staff more efficiently coordinate care, from determining if patients are up to date on blood work to scheduling a consultation with a specialty clinic or easily contacting a patient who has missed a follow-up appointment.

“Unlike other modules, our platform is customized to meet the individual needs of the center’s diabetes program and patients,” says Chase Hensel, Co-Founder and CEO, Welkin Health. “The Diabetes Center of Excellence has transformed the face of diabetes care in Kentucky. The support and quality of care they afford this community is needed and making a significant impact.”

PCCEK began their partnership with Welkin Health three years ago when the tech company was tapped to help facilitate the organization’s diabetes program. The new platform, launched earlier this month, will extend the collaboration and support all care coordination needs for the center.

The Diabetes Center of Excellence currently treats 750 diabetes patients ranging in age from 11 years old to over 80.

About Primary Care Centers of Eastern Kentucky

PCCEK was founded in 2003, offering quality healthcare to residents of Eastern Kentucky. The center’s Diabetes Center of Excellence is the first of its kind in eastern Kentucky, providing patients access to current diabetes technologies and comprehensive care, with a full scope of services at one location including, primary care providers, specialists and other professionals.

About Welkin Health

Welkin Health is a digital health company that helps healthcare organizations increase revenue and reduce operational costs with improved health outcomes through engagement, education, and support programs for people living with chronic disease. Our workflow and communication software allows care teams to prioritize patient outreach and reach members on any device, including SMS, phone call, and email. Welkin helps teams focus on building and maintaining long-term relationships with custom configurations of the Welkin Patient Relationship Management platform. For more information about Welkin, visit