Welkin for Telehealth

As we grapple with an outbreak of global scale, we know how crucial it is to have alternatives to in-person care, to keep both your team and your patients safe. 

Welkin Health is offering you an integrated telehealth solution in our Care Management Platform, so that you can better connect with your patients. 

Why Telehealth?

  • Make care more convenient and safe for your team
  • Ensure patients have continued access to care
  • Save resources & time during this critical period in history
  • Federal regulations have been relaxed to help physicians quickly ramp up their telemedicine capabilities, including expanded Medicare coverage

Why Use Welkin for Telehealth? 

Omnichannel Communication

Your team has access to six communication channels, including video technology, to ensure patients stay engaged and get the care they need.

Fully Integrated

Build telehealth directly into your workflows to make adoption easy for your team, so you can start serving patients right away.

Centralized Patient Information

Have all patient information right next to each video chat, so you can reference existing history and assessments while on the call. Take notes, make referrals, or schedule a follow-up without toggling between tools.

Build Strong Relationships

By making face-to-face interactions accessible outside of the office, you can easily continue to build and nurture patient relationships.

Powerful, Proactive, Patient-Centered Care

Welkin is built for your healthcare organization

Improve Patient Outcomes

Reach More patients

Maximize Your Resources

Lower Costs

Give patients the resources they need with real-time video communications

Support long-term healthy outcomes by increasing meaningful patient interactions

Expand your team’s capabilities and utilize them in the most effective way

Keep patients healthy by being proactive to decrease risk, cost interventions, and hospitalizations

How It Works

See demo of how Zoom Health works with Welkin

Our Package



What do I need?


After you sign up, you’ll be fully functional in a couple of days.

All you’ll need is a Zoom Health account, we’ll take care of the rest.


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What’s next?

Provide effective care during COVID-19 and beyond. Talk with one of our experts.

Welkin Health’s mission is to empower healthcare organizations to deliver patient-centric care. Thank you for being on the front lines, caring for our families, and keeping us safe.

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