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Why You Need Patient Care Coordination

Besides keeping things organized for your team, patient care coordination will improve patient satisfaction and even their adherence to care instructions and recommendations. Here are just a couple of reasons why patients benefit from care coordination.

Patient Relationship Management Software: Can It Really Help You Grow?

As a healthcare company, you want to put your patients’ needs first. Thankfully, with Welkin’s powerful, cutting-edge Patient Relationship Management software, you can do just that and help your company grow beyond your expectations.

Drug Addiction Help: How Care Management Can Get Patients the Care They Need

As a program director or case manager, you want to find ways to offer not just adequate but exceptional help to patients. That includes helping patients overcome their addiction, preventing further health problems, and keeping everyone on your care team on the same page. Accomplishing all of that can be difficult—yet not impossible. With a high-quality Patient Management system, you can better serve patients struggling with substance abuse and help them improve their lives.

How to Improve Care Management for Mental Health

Rather than simply treating disease, as would traditionally happen under a “case management” model, mental healthcare management emphasizes prevention, education, and social support systems. In this way, management of care can be led by healthcare teams but implemented by individuals outside of standard healthcare systems. This more comprehensive route reduces the burden on healthcare teams while increasing public health.

Why and How You Should Be Using Telehealth

Telehealth is an amazing channel when done right. Not only does it make healthcare more accessible, it also saves time for healthcare workers who would otherwise be bogged down with tasks not directly related to patient care. For this reason, many healthcare professionals enjoy the time-saving benefits of these digital services.

Digitizing Behavioral Health Programs

While behavioral health is sometimes used interchangeably with mental health, the integration of behavioral health goes beyond caring for patients with mental conditions or substance misuse disorders.

Welkin Shares: Our Values, Wellness

“Unlike a lot of places I’ve worked, Welkin actually lives the values we list on our website.” This is what I tell every new Welikan on their first day during our new hire orientation meeting, and over the last two and a half years working at Welkin, I believe more and more in those words I say to our newest hires.

The Solution to Engaging Clients in Their Behavioral Health Care

Prevention, early detection, and treatment of behavioral health conditions can lead to improved physical and community health and help prevent other public health issues.

Creative Ways To Increase Patient Satisfaction

If you aren’t focused on patient satisfaction, you won’t retain as many visitors. And if they can afford options, they might go to the competition. Or they may begin to lose faith in the system altogether and not seek the help they need.

Care Management: What We Are Most Thankful for in 2019

We are extremely excited about the advancements that have been made in healthcare this past year. Join us in celebrating the accomplishments we’ve witnessed so far and we look forward to creating a healthier future for patients, no matter where they are in their wellness journey.

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Patient Engagement

To improve health outcomes across the board and maximize reimbursements from payers, care teams need to be intentional with patient engagement strategies.

What’s The Difference Between Welkin And A CRM

With today’s model of highly collaborative care teams, patients may not always see the same physician or nurse. Post-it notes and spreadsheets aren’t enough to ensure the best care coordination. That is why many have turned to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.


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