Author: Welkin

Remote Patient Monitoring: A Definitive Guide

Imagine your patient calmly sipping coffee in her backyard while her smartphone and wearables report her blood sugar levels, dietary intake, and vital signs to your care team. That’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic care management at its finest—no traffic, crowded waiting room, or exam table to climb onto. The verdict has been out for decades—stress exacerbates most chronic diseases like diabetes, congestive heart...Read More >

Creative Ways To Increase Patient Satisfaction

What is patient satisfaction? If you want patients to take part in their health, you need to provide an environment that makes them feel comfortable. They need to feel heard, understood, and empowered. A positive patient experience is important because there are alternatives for patients—now more than ever. If you aren’t focused on patient satisfaction, you won’t retain as many visitors. And if they can...Read More >

How Healthcare Is Changing Care Management Reimbursement Models

At Welkin, we believe in person-centered healthcare. That means prioritizing the user experience above all. Whether a patient is battling a chronic illness or learning to live with a life-changing diagnosis, we want to make the time they spend with care teams as painless as possible so they can focus on healing. It’s our responsibility to help change the care management landscape for the better—and...Read More >

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Patient Engagement

Over 90 percent of physicians think that patient portals (accessible through apps or other digital means), could improve health outcomes. Plus, with the changes being made in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements, patient-reported outcomes really matter for health care providers who want to stay in the black. These developments and similar others point to a common theme: a need for better patient engagement. And while EHRs...Read More >

Approaching a New Security Model: BeyondCorp at Welkin

At Welkin, we’re constantly evaluating our infrastructure to improve security controls for our platform. Our evaluations identified key areas for improvement, leading us to adopt a new security model: BeyondCorp. BeyondCorp BeyondCorp is an enterprise security model created and improved upon by Google. It assigns access controls to individual devices and users, rather than networks. This gives employees secure remote data access without relying on...Read More >

Innovating Ahead of the Caregiver Cliff

“Home health” is a term we are poised to hear much more about in the coming years. According to a report Village Capital published in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente, people in need of home health care is expected to jump 84% by 2050, while informal caregivers (likely, family) are only estimated to increase by 13%. The report—the fruit of a Kaiser and Village Capital partnership...Read More >

A Closer Look at Build Versus Buy

Whether you’re a small digital health startup determining your software needs for the first time, or a seasoned health care organization whose current solution isn’t meeting business demands, the conversation will inevitably reach the crossroads of “build versus buy.” There are a number of considerations to make when choosing one path over the other: what are the costs, risks, advantages, and downstream effects of buying...Read More >

Workplace Wellness Programs: Managing Stress at its Source

Workplace wellness programs can be a valuable asset for employers and employees. These employee-sponsored programs aimed at helping participants achieve specific health goals and healthy behaviors, such as weight management or weight loss, exercising more, encouraging healthy eating, or quitting tobacco use. The results of these wellness initiatives become mutually beneficial when healthier employees translate to a productive workforce and reduced organizational health care costs....Read More >

Create Your Best Program in Welkin’s Workshop

Health care workers have hard jobs. Ideally, the tools they rely on to perform their work should make it much easier to do, so they can focus on patient care rather than frustrating software. Welkin believes that technology should ease frustrations—not add to them. We think software offers the potential to help make health care work better for everyone; a philosophy that has guided us...Read More >

Notice Anything…Different?

We warned you. Big things were in the works to help us better tell the Welkin story. About a year ago, we began thinking critically on how Welkin expressed itself. What did Welkin—as a brand—look and sound like, and how was that being conveyed to the outside world? What is Welkin? Who do we help? How do we help them? Why do we do it?...Read More >